Instructions For Use

  • Have your cake ready. For the best results your icing should not be dry or have a skin prior to placing the edible image. Various icings can be used such as buttercream, store bought frosting’s, icings, fondant,non-dairy topping, fudge or chocolate. Your frosting should be level for the best results.
  • Images are best applied to light colored icing. Dark colors will make it hard for the image to be visible or can distort the color of the icing sheet once applied. However if you need to apply to a dark color icing, we would recommend applying the icing sheet to white fondant and then applying this to your cake.
  • Remove your edible image sheet from the air tight bag. Your edible image is cut and ready to use. If you have ordered a custom size you will need to cut your edible image using sharp scissors or a sharp razor knife, gently cut 1/8″ around image(s) while on the plastic white backing sheet. Make sure your fingers are not moist when handling the edible image.

Removing Icing sheet from backing paper:

To remove the topper from the backing paper, there are a few simple methods which have been tried and tested. We have listed a few below:

  • Freezer Method – This is the one we recommend most. Using a dry freezer, Place the icing sheet inside the freezer for approx 15 to 20 seconds until the icing sheet hardens and simply slides off the backing sheet. (Available to watch on our you tube video!)
  • Table Method – Using the sharp edge of a table, simply slide the backing sheet over the corner until the icing sheet begins to come away from the backing sheet (Available to watch on our you tube video!)
  • Hairdryer – Using a hairdryer on the reverse side of the sheet for approx 30 seconds, allow to cool, as the cooling process allows the icing sheet to stiffen and easily come away from the backing sheet.

Applying Icing Sheet to Cake:

If using buttercream, chocolate or any other wet type icing, simply place the sheet carefully on top of cake and using a clean, dry cloth, gently tap into place to ensure there are no air bubbles

If using fondant icing, apply a light mist of water to the top of the cake prior to applying your image to allow the icing sheet to stick.

Once the image has been applied, the icing sheet will simply absorb into your cake!

Storage Instructions

The icing sheets have a expiration date of one year, but we recommend using within 6 months of purchase so that the colours stay sharp.

Simply store your topper in the ziplock bag provided in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight until your ready to use, do not refrigerate as this can cause the colours to run.