What is an edible icing sheet?
Our Edible Icing Sheets are brilliant white in colour & are essentially a very thin piece of flavourless icing. Edible Icing Sheets are completely safe for human consumption & made from 100% EC approved ingredients.

How long do the icing sheets last?
Icing sheets last for up to 12 months once stored in the air tight zip lock bag provided and out of direct sunlight. We find that they are best used within 6- 9 months to ensure the colours remain sharp.

How do you apply the icing sheets?
Please see the instructions section of this website for details on how to apply the icing sheets. There are also 2 short videos on how to apply your image.

What ingredients are contained in the icing sheets?
The ingredients are as follows; cornstarch, corn syrup, cellulose, corn syrup solids, water, sugar,vegetable oil,gum arabic, polysorbate 80, citric acid.

What dimensions are the topper designs on the sheets?
Round Cake is 7.5 inch, Rectangle is A4 size (8 x 10.5″) and all Cupcakes are 12 x 2″ circles.